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If you meet the basic requirements listed in the top of the application form, you can apply for a personal loan and will have a good chance of getting loan offers from several banks and financial institutions. Note that each bank and financial institution has its unique criteria for final approval.

This depends on your annual income. According to Singapore regulations, you can borrow up to 6 times your monthly income with financial institutions and 8 times your monthly income with banks.

Your personal loan application at Lendela will be sent to multiple banks and financial institutions. They will assess your application based on your personal information and conditions, as well as their internal criteria for loan approval, and present their best loan offer to you. You simply compare your offers and select the one with the lowest interest rate.

This depends on each bank's/financial institution's internal process, as well as your application. However, when your application is fully approved and you have accepted an offer, it normally doesn't take more than a few days before the money is in your bank account.