Friday Finance data sharing agreement

Share of information

This Share of Information Agreement outlines how IFS Consumer Service Private Limited (Friday Finance) will use, store, combine and disclose IFS' clients ("Clients") submitted data to the following organisations: Registry of Loan Providers, Loan Providers Credit Bureau, Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau (SCCB), Credit Association of Singapore and Sivren Private Limited including any government agencies and authorities in Singapore, for the purposes of credit assessment of the loan application.By providing the loan application to IFS, the Client undertakes and warrants that it has been informed that the company is a contributor and subscriber of information with the above-mentioned parties.

Access to credit check

To the extent that the applicable law allows, IFS Consumer Service Private Limited (Friday Finance) may retrieve Client's data and reports from Loan Providers Credit Bureau and any other credit bureaus, without prior reference to the Client. This is to carry out due diligence and to conduct credit checks to verify information given in the loan application with the above companies / organisations or parties.

Friday Finance