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Submitting the business loan application form on Lendela will not affect your credit score. Your credit score only changes when you submit an application with the banks for any credit facility such as credit cards or personal loans.

No, Lendela is not providing any loans itself. Instead, we are partnering with multiple banks and financial institutions to make sure that our customers get access to offers from as many loan providers as possible.

Our panel of partners is constantly growing as we onboard new banks and financial institutions every month. As of today, we partner with more than 40 banks and financial institutions in Singapore.

There are no hidden charges. The only upfront fee is our brokering fee, which is transparent as per the contract.

The duration of the business loan application process varies. Non-bank lenders can process unsecured loans as quickly as 1-2 days and secured loans within up to 1 week, while bank-related business loans typically range between 1 to 4 weeks due to more extensive assessments.