Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we are answering the most frequent questions that we receive about Lendela, our loan application and personal loans in general. If you can't find the question and answer that you are looking for, please reach out to us anytime and we will assist you on your inquiry.

About Lendela

What does Lendela do? toggle
Is Lendela a lender? toggle
What is the difference between Lendela and a traditional loan comparison service like Singsaver or MoneySmart? toggle
Who are Lendela's lending partners? toggle
Does Lendela have a license? toggle
What does it mean that Lendela is "independent"? toggle
How is Lendela's service free of charge? toggle

The loan application

Why should I try Lendela? toggle
How do I apply for a loan? toggle
Can I apply for a loan through Lendela several times? toggle
Is my personal information secure with Lendela? toggle
Am I eligible for a loan? toggle
Will I be forced to choose a loan offer? toggle

Loan conditions

What can I use the loan for? toggle
How much can I borrow? toggle
What will my monthly cost be? toggle
Can I pay off the loan whenever I want? toggle
Can I borrow money despite having debt? toggle
When will I receive the money? toggle
What will my interest rate be? toggle
How do I get the lowest possible interest rate? toggle

Financial terms

What does APR mean? toggle
What is instalment? toggle
What is a credit check? toggle
What is an annuity loan? toggle
What is a pre-approved offer? toggle


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