How Are We Different from the Rest?

Lendela brings the widely successful Scandinavian loan broker model to Southeast Asia, which lets the applicant compare personalised loan offers online and select the best option, via just one application. This is possible through our well-made application form and unique match-making algorithm.

So, how does our platform work and how does it differ from the rest of the websites telling you to compare loans with them? To make it simple, we have broken down the benefit of using Lendela into a few key points:

Application process

At Lendela, the borrower is required to fill out a more extensive application form compared to the platforms mentioned above. The reason for this is that we need to gather sufficient information about the applicant for our bank and lending partners, in order to get personalised assessments and offers back from each bank and financial institution, and present them to the applicant.

For instance, we require users to enter name, date of birth, residency status, nationality, contact, income and loan details, education level, civil status, address, financial commitments and employment details amongst others.

Each information is entered in a dynamic form that is customised according to the data provided by the user.

Application assessment

When the application is submitted, we will send it to all the loan providers that we partner with. Within a few hours, sometimes only minutes, most of the lending partners have gotten the application and assessed it based on their requirements. The partners that accept the application will send back in principle approved offers, which will be presented on the Lendela platform.

Number of actual applications generated

Even though you only fill out one application form, your application is sent to all our lending partners at the same time. This means that you in reality have created multiple applications by just submitting one at Your application is sent to all the banks and financial institutions simultaneously which means that you save a lot of time and effort using our service.

Quality of loan offers

The offers that are presented on are personalised and in principle approved, meaning that they are based on each loan provider's assessment of you as an applicant. As they are in principle approved, the chances of getting the same or even better loan terms as the initial offer, are very good.

Lendela's customer service and loan approval process

Lendela will assist and serve you throughout the whole process, from initiating the online application to comparing the options that come in and selecting the right loan. If there are any documents or additional information needed later on in the application process, we will help you provide the right information, collect it and send it to the bank or financial institution for you.

The above process is all done digitally without having to visit any loan provider's branch or office physically. Wedding loan, debt consolidation, renovation loan and many more options, please check now.

And that is it, people! If you have any questions about our fantastic service or hesitate whether you should apply for a personal loan via Lendela, please reach out to our Customer Relationship Team and they will assist you further.