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Lendela Guide: What You Need to Know When Comparing Personal Loans in Singapore

In Singapore, comparing before buying is practically in our DNA. Whether it's a new phone, car, or even a hawker stall meal, we love a good comparison to save money. It makes sense, then, that when it comes to something as significant as a...

Is It Possible To Get a Loan After Bankruptcy in Singapore?

Experiencing bankruptcy can be a challenging financial setback, raising questions about the possibility of securing a personal loan afterward. We'll delve into the landscape of obtaining a loan after bankruptcy in Singapore and explore viable...

Lendela Review: A Detailed Look at GXS FlexiLoan

GXS, a joint venture by Grab and Singtel, holds a prominent position in Singapore's evolving digital banking space with its full digital bank license. Among its various offerings, the GXS FlexiLoan has been a topic of interest. This new loan...

Will Rising GST in 2024 Affect Personal Loan Interest Rates?

As Singapore anticipates an increase in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to 9% in 2024, many Singaporeans are wondering about the potential implications for their finances. One area of concern is how this change might affect personal loan interest...

Insider Tips To Get the Best Loan Interest Rates in Singapore

When it comes to securing a personal loan in Singapore, getting the best interest rates can significantly impact your overall borrowing costs. Whether you're looking to fund a home renovation, consolidate debt, or cover unexpected expenses,...


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