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End of Year Bonus is Here: How Do You Utilise It? (2023)

Global inflation rates rose in 2022 as a result of major economic events that occurred that year. Singapore has been affected as well, as inflation rates have risen in recent months. The government has taken several steps to combat inflation, but...

Credit Card Debt in Singapore: How to Be Debt-Free in 4 Steps 2023

Credit card debt can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. It can seem like an impossible feat to pay off the balances, especially when you’re facing a mountain of interest and fees. If you are looking to take control of your credit card debt,...

Buying a resale flat?

Weighed your housing options and finally settled down on getting a resale flat? Congratulations! However, not all is done yet and paying for one is not as simple as just getting a home loan from the Housing Development Board (HDB) or your...

Personal loans = the end of credit cards?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) reported that card billings hit an all-time high in 2021 with an estimated value of 64 million SGD – a whopping 27 per cent increase over 2015! But did you know that there is an unlikely alternative to...

Are personal loans during high inflation a bad idea?

We’re now in a period of high inflation!The Straits Times reported on June 16 that interest rates had been raised by "75 basis points," the largest increase since 1994, in response to the inflation surge caused by “the war in Ukraine and...


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