The process of applying for a loan in Singapore can be tedious and complex. When applying, be it for a personal loan or consolidation loan in Singapore, there is a risk of falling into the hands of loan sharks loans. This is why you should use a good loan comparison service, and one of the options is Lendela. But is it legit, you might wonder?

Lendela is a legit lending comparison service provider established in line with Singapore laws. The goal of Lendela is to create a framework that loan applicants can trust and rely on, to easily and conveniently get the credit they want. Here is a demonstration of how Lendela works and why our service is 100% legit.

Lendela is 100% Legit, Safe and Reliable

When running a business in a country of your choice, legitimacy is only achieved by getting appropriate operating permits. In Singapore, the financial services industry is strongly regulated because it plays an important role in defining the success of other sectors. Lendela operates in line with the laws established in Singapore.


This indicates that Lendela is bound by the rules and conditions outlined therein. For example, it is required to ensure that client's information is protected and not provided to third parties without the owner’s consent. Indeed, Lendela goes beyond this standard protection by ensuring that both your information and communication are secure from unauthorised persons, such as hackers.

Lendela Only Works with Banks and Financial Institutions

When applying for loans in Singapore, loan sharks are the most feared parties because of their harassing tactics when forcing borrowers to repay. Often, borrowers end up in more trouble because credit from loan sharks comes with high interest rates and a lot of hidden charges. Because the Singapore administration forbids people from using loan sharks, Lendela does not deal with them in any way.

When you place a loan application through Lendela, it is only forwarded to banks and legit financial institutions in Singapore. Simply put – if you want to avoid falling into the hands of loan sharks, Lendela is the best route.

Lendela is Guided by International Best Practices

Apart from operating in line with Singapore laws, Lendela is also guided by international standards (having its roots in the Scandinavian Fintech industry). The goal is to make loan applicants remain in control, understand the credit they are about to take and pick the right offer. Here are some of the internationally accredited attributes that set Lendela from the pack:

  • Lendela makes the process of loan application easy and fast

  • With Lendela, you will only receive loan offers from banks and financial institutions

  • You do not have to pay anything to use our service and application for a loan comparison

  • When loan offers are given, you are not obligated to accept any of them

  • Lendela supports you in reviewing the available loan offers so that you can select the best

Lendela is a legit loan comparison site that helps loan applicants to choose the option with the best conditions. So, are you ready to apply for a loan with Lendela? It is very simple and will take you only a few minutes. Why risk dealing with illegal lenders when Lendela is only a few clicks away?