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Taking up a Personal Loan to Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

Do you have multiple credit cards where the instalments are starting to feel heavy to handle? You may use multiple credit cards to separate different types of spendings but it could get overwhelming when it comes to keeping track of your monthly...

​Tips to avoid getting bad credit

It is certainly true when people say that it is easier to avoid getting into debt than to get out of debt. Though, there are bigger purchases that most people would require to get a loan for, for instance when you are purchasing a home. The same...

First time getting a home - BTO vs. resale purchase?

Are you planning to purchase a home but are in a dilemma on whether to purchase via Build-To-Order (BTO) or to get a resale home? What are the considerations that you would have to think about before making your decision? In this guide, we will...

Should you take up a loan to help a friend in need?

When friends and family ask for financial help, it is difficult to refuse to lend them some cash, especially since they are important to us. Obviously, we would not want to see our loved ones struggle.Most of us would lend money to friends and...

How to ask for a credit card waiver in Singapore

Getting the best from your credit card is both a science and partly an art. Apart from digging deeper to understand the mechanics of the agreements about credit cards, it is a good idea to consider asking for a waiver from your bank if not...


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