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spawny zul
9 hours ago
Is my best experience with Lendela, the officer are all very helpful with us in many ways. Even we were turn down...
Alexander Ow
1 day ago
Great recommendation of the best interest for the borrower, highly recommended!!!
Lin Xiyang
2 days ago
Well done.fully recommended
Jia Jin
5 days ago
Loan approve quickly and and to have higher value
Noor Shahirah Jamaluddin
5 days ago
Dharan was very helpful. I was not able to get a loan from one of the LML, but he quickly recommended another one...
Salsad Sedona
1 week ago
The process was abreeze. With help from Sumi who recommended me to a reliable source for loan. Lendela is a...
Sachin Singh
1 week ago
I got Help from Lendela They Helped each and every time to get finaces when i am need
1 week ago
Very helpful and efficient Very concern and reliable
Hidayat Sabirin Cikgu (TetsuYat)
1 week ago
I was served by Mr. Dharan and his services are fantastic and awesome. These are the two words best described his...
Mohamed Taufiq
1 week ago
Efficient and easy. Staff, Dharan was incredibly helpful and supportive in the process
Mariana Buang
1 week ago
Very helpful & spoken to Fiza
1 week ago
Efficiently replies of offers through the apps. Safe secure of personal particulars. Good and polite service and...

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More about Lendela

Our goal is to make your loan application process quicker, simpler and more transparent. As Singapore's only true personal loan comparison service, we support you all the way from application to disbursement. Click below to read more about Lendela and how we empower thousands of Singaporeans every month with quick, instant loans that you can easily apply for online.

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A guide to quick loans

Below, we have gathered relevant information about how to apply for a quick instant loan with fast approval in Singapore. If you have any questions regarding quick loans and our service, please reach out to our Customer Relationship Team.

Quick loan with fast online application

With loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, getting a quick loan in Singapore via an online matchmaker like Lendela can be fast and easy. We work exclusively with trusted banks and financial institutions and are able to get you pre-approved loan offers within hours or even minutes from when your application was submitted at, and it is not unusual for the borrower to receive the loan disbursement within 24 hours. Getting a quick instant loan is doable as we make sure to collect all the information required by the banks and financial institutions on our end, before sending the application to them. This speeds up the application process so that banks can instantly reply with a pre-approved loan offer.

How to apply for a quick loan

It is very easy to apply for a quick loan online with Lendela. Make sure you fulfil the requirements listed below and then start your fast loan application here at Lendela. The application process is done online and is split into two steps. If you have any questions or concerns while applying for your quick loan, simply call or WhatsApp our Customer Relationship Team directly, and we will guide you through the next steps to proceed with your loan application.

Who is qualified for a quick loan?

Given that you fulfil the following requirements, it is very likely that you are qualified to apply for a quick loan and are eligible to receive pre-approved loan offers from one or many banks:

Requirements to apply:

  • You have to be between 21 and 61 years old

  • You need a minimum monthly income of $1,600

  • You need to be a salaried Singaporean / PR / EP holder

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What happens when the quick loan application is submitted?

  1. Shortly after submitting your quick loan application online, you will receive your pre-approved offers in your Lendela account. We will also message you via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp every time you receive a new fast loan offer.

  2. Either move forward with one of the loan offers instantly or wait until we inform you that the search for loan offers is done before comparing all your options.

  3. After you’ve selected a pre-approved fast loan offer, the bank might ask you for some additional information or supporting documents before coming back with a more precise and suitable final offer.

  4. Once everything is finalised, all you need to do is arrange the disbursement process with the bank. Lendela's Customer Relationship Team will be there to help you through the whole process so that you can get your quick loan as fast and smoothly as possible.

Apply for a quick loan with Lendela now.

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Key takeaways:

  • With Lendela, you can apply for quick loans online and get personalised pre-approved offers in an instant. We work exclusively with trusted banks and financial institutions in Singapore.

  • To qualify to apply for a quick loan in Singapore, you must be between 21 and 61 years old, have a minimum monthly income of $1,600, and be a salaried Singaporean / PR / EP holder.

  • The steps for getting instant loans online are easy. After submitting a short online application, you will receive a list of pre-approved bank loans shown in your Lendela account. Compare the offers all at a glance and choose the most suitable one for you.

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