Do you want to strike up a partnership with us? Give us a call or send us an e-mail!


Do you want to strike up a partnership with us? Give us a call or send us an e-mail!

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We help banks and moneylenders to find more and better customers

Are you a bank or a licensed moneylender in Singapore and are facing one of the following challenges?

- Customer acquisition costs are increasing
- Marketing campaigns are either restricted or not delivering the desired results
- Rejection rate is increasing as wrong type of customer is applying for your products
- Difficult to find new channels to acquire customers, as referrals and walk-ins are decreasing
- Struggling to scale your business and to meet internal targets

Lendela can help you!

How to partner with us

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Existing models to acquire customers

Doing it by yourself

Moneylenders in Singapore are not allowed to do paid online advertisements under Ministry of Law regulations. Some lenders use customer referrals offline which is seen to be a difficult way to scale the business.

Banks are used to paying high costs for running campaigns by themselves, offline or online via platforms like Facebook and Google. Some banks spend additional resources on branding and promotions to try to sway the intending customers.

Financial comparison platforms

The alternative has been to use financial comparison sites that have a similar approach with paying for sponsored content to rank high on their lists. In the best cases, banks/moneylenders (lenders) are paying a high fixed cost per customer who has either landed on or has completed the lender’s application form.


Some lenders rely on agents to bring them new customers. The agent does not always have the lender’s best interest at heart. Frequent unethical behaviour can be found, where the agent neither has the customer nor the lender’s best interest at heart.

Lendela – a new way to acquire customers

Lendela was set up to help lenders acquire customers digitally, without incurring any upfront fixed costs.

As the licensed moneylenders in Singapore are not allowed to advertise online, we received approval from the Ministry of Law to acquire customers online and help them through licensed lenders. We do our own marketing and build the systems for you as a lender to work with these applications. As our service is completely driven by successful outcomes for our lending partners, Lendela and its partners are fully aligned.

What does Lendela offer?

- A service that is always 100% free of charge to the consumer
- A service that is free of charge for banks and lenders to use
- A service that provides risk-free customer acquisition, as no cost are incurred until there is a successful outcome
- Access to intending borrowers that each individual lender cannot reach
- An opportunity to better understand how to scale a lending business online, and to have insights to how the lending market is evolving


Below is a selection of partners that are very happy with our service.

"The team at Lendela has been an absolute pleasure to work with so far. The communication channels and tech solutions that Lendela provides allows us to have real-time updates and responsiveness to the needs of our customers, engaging them in a feedback loop that brings them higher value. Over the past month, we worked closely with the team at Lendela to optimise our work-flow, and the results speak for themselves showing an increase in our conversion rate. We are glad we onboarded! Special thanks to Adiba, Ben, Danny and the rest of the team."

– Director, licensed loan provider in Singapore

"With Lendela we were able to increase the number of loans we can approve each month. Through our partnership we minimise touch points with the customer and are able to spend more time on underwriting customers, rather than chasing documents."

– CEO, digital loan provider in Hong Kong

"Thanks to Lendela for the quality of work and service they put together for our business, we have achieved growth in the number of monthly applications as well as our loan portfolio."

– Head of marketing, loan provider in Hong Kong

"We consider Lendela to be a good partner with an efficient support system. They have been able to filter and deliver the targeted customers to us directly, which has made our work very efficient and effective."

– Project Director, loan provider in Thailand