Thinking about getting a personal loan in Singapore? Although it is great to have so many options available, it can also get overwhelming navigating through them all. One of the key questions you might have starting out is whether you need to engage a personal loan broker or seek assistance from a direct loan provider, which are two popular go-tos for those looking to take out a personal loan.

In our guide, discover the key differences between a personal loan broker in Singapore and a direct loan provider, their individual pros and cons, and discover the best option for your financial needs.

What is a personal loan broker?

A personal loan broker in Singapore bridges the gap between borrowers and loan providers, fundamentally acting as the middleman who offers a diverse array of loan options to the seeker. They have access to multiple banks and financial institutions, and possess valuable intel to help you find and secure the optimum loan deal according to your needs, be it a mortgage loan, emergency medical funds, or otherwise. Personal loan brokers can effectively help you save time, assist with the research and application phases, and ensure you make informed decisions about your loan.

What is an SME loan broker?

If you are looking to specifically take out a business loan, you may consider engaging services from an SME loan broker or a business loan broker. These loan brokers focus on facilitating loans for SMEs and have in-depth knowledge of these particular markets. They will also work with a network of loan providers in Singapore that specifically cater to the business needs of SMEs, and may even be able to help provide business loans and various loan packages that are tailored to a particular industry or company size. As such, they can also help with the business loan application process, like personal loan brokers.

What are direct loan providers?

Direct loan providers are financial institutions or banks that can directly provide borrowers with personal loans. These providers possess their own range of loan options and products, each with their own set of terms, interest rates, and fees. Engaging with a direct loan provider could streamline the loan application process, as it provides direct access to your loan. In short, this is akin to going and taking out a traditional bank loan.

Personal loan broker vs. direct loan provider: pros and cons

Before deciding whether to seek help from a personal loan broker or direct loan provider in Singapore, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each option. This can help you make informed decisions on how to find your best loan.

Personal loan broker: pros and cons


  • Access to a wide range of loan options: Benefit from an extensive network of loan providers offering an array of loan products.

  • Expertise and guidance: Personal loan brokers possess valuable industry knowledge, guiding you through the process and helping answer any questions you may have.

  • Time-saving and convenient: Loan brokers relieve the stress of time-consuming research, documentation, and negotiations.

  • Increased chances of loan approval: Brokers match you with options that are more likely to approve your loan application, improving your chances of securing the funds you need.

  • Advice on improving credit score: Personal loan brokers may offer advice on ways to improve credit scores if you are facing credit score problems, which could enhance your prospects of loan approval.


  • Broker fees: Some personal loan brokers may charge fees for their services - be sure to look out for any service-related costs.

Direct loan provider: pros and cons


  • Streamlined application process: Cut out the middleman and apply for loans directly with the bank or financial institution, which can potentially reduce processing time.

  • Potential for lower interest rates: Working directly with the loan provider might give you competitive interest rates, providing potential cost savings.


  • Time and effort required for research: Searching for and comparing loans from different loan providers can be time-consuming, complex, and burdensome.

  • Limited loan options: Direct loan providers offer loan products exclusively from their own range, giving you fewer choices.

  • Lack of personalised guidance and advice: Dealing directly with a loan provider might influence your decisions, as they might try to sell you a particular loan rather than offering tailored advice and support.

What are the key differences between a personal loan broker and a direct loan provider?

Now that you are aware of the pros and cons between the two, take a look at the table below to clearly understand the key differences and how they compare.


Personal Loan Broker

Direct Loan Provider


Works as an intermediary between borrowers and loan providers

Lends directly to borrowers

Loan Options

Access to a wide range of loan options from multiple financial institutions

Only offers loan products from its own institution hence a limited selection for borrowers

Advisory Services

Provides personalised guidance and expertise throughout the loan process

Offers less personalised guidance and support


Assists in negotiating favourable loan terms on behalf of borrowers

Sets fixed terms and conditions for loan products


Can potentially increase chances of loan approval through matching with most appropriate providers

Requires borrowers to meet specific eligibility criteria

Time and Effort Required

Saves time and effort spent during the research phase and application process

Requires additional time and effort to find the most suitable options

Additional Fees

May charge broker fees for their services

Interest rates and fees are set by the direct loan provider

Credit Score

Offers recommendations for enhancing credit scores to obtain a favoUrable loan package

No suggestions for improvement from direct loan providers

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Key Takeaways

  • A personal loan broker in Singapore acts as a middleman in connecting borrowers with the best loan offers available for their specific needs. Brokers can also provide customised service, allowing individuals to make better-informed decisions.
  • A direct loan provider in Singapore comes in the form of a bank or financial institution that directly provides borrowers with personal loans.
  • Both options offer a number of pros and cons, however personal loan brokers can effectively help borrowers save time and effort on researching loan options, provide professional advice and support, and offer a more personalised and well-rounded service.
  • Lendela's loan comparison platform allows individuals in Singapore to easily compare and source the best loan options for their particular financial needs and circumstances.