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4 hours ago
Hassle free! Service from dharan was great
anthony ruggiero
14 hours ago
Thanks to Jake for all your help a really easy way to get a loan they go above and beyond to find the best deal...
Aidan Fernandez
1 day ago
Gave me very good options to look for the best loans
Prince Matno
1 week ago
Wani patiently guided me through the whole process ensuring a smooth sailing transaction. Truly superb customer...
Roy Teo
1 week ago
Customer relationship officer Fadilah assisting me thru the application, her services is good & fast , come back...
Yusree Rosli
1 week ago
Easy to use great company good helping staff dharan on helping customers getting their suitable loans they need...
Izhar izhar
2 weeks ago
Thank you Fadilah for the assistance
oon weijie
2 weeks ago
Dharan is helpful to assist me along the application. Definitely recommended to all.
Meesan Unab
2 weeks ago
Helpful and very prompt appreciate it.
Suraya Echa
2 weeks ago
Save time to find a license loan. You can choose for your preferred budget and book an appointed with them!
Marran Madhavan
2 weeks ago
They made it very clear on what risk you are embarking about and made it clear so you do not have great areas....
Rose Hussein
2 weeks ago
Hassle free transaction recommended by lendela. Managed to get a small loan and monthly repayment at my budget....


Three steps to a cash loan:

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1. Apply online in a few minutes

Compare your offers

2. Compare cash loan offers from multiple banks

Pick your cash loan

3. Pick your cash loan and receive the money

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Our goal is to make your loan application process quicker, simpler and more transparent. As Singapore’s only true personal loan comparison service, we support you all the way from application to disbursement. Click below to read more about Lendela and how we empower thousands of loan-seeking Singaporeans every month.

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There are several things to consider and understand about cash loans that will help you find the easiest, fastest, and most suitable cash loan on the market. Read all the basics about fast cash loans in our helpful guide below.

What is a fast cash loan?

What is a fast cash loan?

A cash loan is an unsecured, smaller loan, normally between $1,000 and $5,000, that is usually taken to cover an unexpected cost. Fast cash loans are offered by most banks and financial institutions in Singapore and work the same way as a bigger personal loan. There are many different names for fast cash loans that are often used interchangeably. Here are some terms you may come across that mean the same as a fast cash loan:

  • Micro loan

  • Payday loan

  • Small loan

Just like any other personal loan, a fast cash loan is unsecured, and thus the bank may compensate for the higher risk with a high interest rate. The tenure of a cash loan is normally shorter than for bigger personal loans, car loans etc. Depending on the size of the loan, a typical fast cash loan tenure is between 1 and 6 months.

Why take out a cash loan?

Why take out a cash loan?

Sometimes, unexpected and sudden events in life can change our financial situation significantly. Perhaps your car breaks down and needs a repair, something in your household needs fixing, or maybe you lose your job and need financial support to pay for everyday expenses.

Being able to take out an easy cash loan quickly could be a great help in instances like these. One of the most important considerations when taking out a cash loan is the speed of the application process. You’ll also want to compare at least a couple of loan offers in order to ensure that you choose a cash loan with decent terms.

Getting a fast cash loan is not uncommon at all – most people have done it at some point in their lives. One way of freeing up some extra cash is to apply for a credit card. However, credit cards tend to come with high-interest rates, and if you already have one or more credit cards, there is a big risk that you will lose control over your total debt and get yourself into a dire financial situation.

When you get a fast cash loan, you get a clear picture of how much money you will have at your disposal and will be able to plan your economy and your financial situation as a whole since there is already an established loan tenure.


Benefits of a fast cash loan

Benefits of a fast cash loan

Below are some of the benefits of taking out a fast cash loan when you are in urgent need of money:

Short and fast application

You can apply for an easy cash loan today via Lendela in just a few minutes. The whole application can be completed online; and if you have any questions regarding your application or the following process, our customer support is just one phone call or WhatsApp message away.

Rapid loan process

Since we work with various banks and financial institutions that provide easy cash loans, you can expect to get multiple offers sent to you – most of them within a few hours and sometimes even minutes!

Fast payout

With Lendela, as soon as you have selected a cash loan offer, you can finalise the last steps with the bank and get your money disbursed. We will assist you with the process from start to finish and can ensure that you secure your cash loan as fast and easily as possible.

Spend the money on what you want

As an unsecured loan, cash loans are normally granted for a big variety of loan purposes, and you are free to spend the fund however you need.

How to apply for a fast cash loan today

How to apply for a fast cash loan today

It is very simple. Just go to our cash loan application form. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the form, and after submitting your application, we will send it to multiple banks and financial institutions to review simultaneously. As soon as we receive your first offer, we will notify you via e-mail, WhatsApp, or SMS. Below are the criteria to apply for a cash loan via Lendela:

  • Age: 21 - 61 years

  • Minimum monthly income: $1,600

  • Residency status: Salaried Singaporean / PR / EP holder


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