In their simplest form, debt consolidation loans are a one-stop solution for individuals to pay off their debts, mainly high-interest debts, and other types of unsecured personal loans.

Even though it is not a solution for individuals to get rid of their financial obligations, it is a single loan sanctioned to pay multiple debts over many months or years.

Below is a list of some of the approved debt consolidation companies in Singapore that can help you manage your debts effectively and efficiently.

Approved Debt Consolidation Companies In Singapore

1. Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd

One of the approved debt consolidation companies in Singapore is Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd. Created to help clients understand the benefits of a debt consolidation loan; this company has catered its services for individuals to save on high interest rates over multiple debts.

With the amalgamation of their low-interest rates and flexible payment structure, individuals can pay off their debts rather than gaining collective interest on various unsecured loans.

As mentioned above, the payment plans of Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd are quite flexible. Therefore, they can be customised as per the needs and requirements of individuals, their monthly income, expenditure, and other essential factors.

This would give customers better control over their personal financial obligations and eliminate the feeling of never-ending debts to consolidate.

Another notable attribute of the Goldstar Credit Pte Ltd loans is that they are approved quickly, and borrowers can easily repay them. The company also allows borrowers to apply online and grant them business, personal, and micro loans.

2. Orange Credit Pte Ltd

Another financial institution on the list of the approved debt consolidation companies in Singapore is Orange Credit Pte Ltd. In brief, this company has created a plan for individuals to help them effectively and efficiently manage their financial constraints and lead a debt-free life.

One of the features about the company is its focus on delivering value to customers. The debt consolidation company provides users with a one-to-one consultation to help them understand their financial status and the available options based on their income, loan tenure, fee, repayment structure etc.

They advise borrowers to take preventive measures for their finances and design appropriate repayment plans based on their revenue. This way, individuals can repay their debts steadily without any trouble.

Orange Credit Pte Ltd is aiming to provide low-interest rates and the company is acclaimed for its service and an informative experience for first-timers. Thus, with this company, you can easily apply for the DCP loan of your choice.

They are a team that helps individuals to understand all the processes involved in debt consolidation and help them to reconsider the decision. If you are on the hunt for a debt consolidation provider, then, Orange Credit Pte Ltd can be a good fit.

3. Aero Credit Pte Ltd

When researching approved debt consolidation companies in Singapore, you are also likely to find Aero Credit Pte Ltd. Focusing on customer service, flexibility, and confidentiality, this company can be a good financial partner if you find yourself in a financial emergency.

One feature that makes Aero Credit Pte Ltd stand out in the financial industry is its 24/7 support system. Available through all hours of day and night, this company can help you get rid of your financial obstacles.

The company’s objective revolves around providing individuals with the best loan processes with no additional fees in their applications.

Rather than paying separate personal loans from different loan providers, Aero Credit Pte Ltd consolidates all your debts in one place. This provides relief to people as they do not have to juggle between different high-interest rate loans, tenures, and locations to repay their loans. It is like a heavy burden offloaded from their shoulders.

Plus, individuals can also apply for an optional consultation to determine whether or not they are eligible for a debt consolidation loan in Singapore.

According to Aero Credit Pte Ltd’s existing customers, the company is convenient to use for debt consolidation.

4. Capital Funds Investment Pte Ltd

Capital Funds Investment Pte Ltd is yet another example of Singapore's approved debt consolidation companies. This company offers its customers an array of services and loans ranging from payday loans to longer term personal loans.

This particular Singapore company’s debt consolidation process is quite simple. With the right documentation, individuals can avail an approval letter and be one step closer to their financial success.

In addition to the above, Capital Funds Investment Pte Ltd also offers its customers a tailor-made repayment structure for their monthly payments and an easy, effective tracking mechanism for their consolidated loans. This means that a person can take their time to repay their loans in several months or years, without having a burden on their shoulders.

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Overall, debt consolidation is an easy, effective solution to solve your financial obligations. However, you should note that selecting a debt consolidation loan bank or financial institution can be challenging because of the long list of options. Therefore, it is important to be extra careful. This is why you should consider applying with Lendela.

Many times, several non-licensed companies (loan sharks) or banks may purloin your money. Initially, they will indicate to offer very low-interest rates, but take a closer look, and you will realise they have a huge upfront fee. However, once you finish the transaction, they tend to close and vanish.

To avoid such situations, it is recommended that you use a trusted comparison site to help you identify the best offers from financial institutions and banks. At Lendela, we frequently vet all banks and financial institutions in our partner panel and you can use our services without worrying about falling into the hands of loan sharks.

You might also want to keep an eye out for certification by Singapore’s Ministry of Law when looking for approved debt consolidation companies in Singapore. They are authentic and ensure individuals receive the best treatment for their monetary transactions.

Applying for a debt consolidation loan through Lendela also raises the chances of the loan getting approved, as your application will be sent to multiple loan providers. Once you apply via Lendela, banks and financial institutions will return with pre-approved loan consolidation plans, meaning that you only need to pass a final check to start your journey to financial freedom. Review the offers based on your monthly income, interest rate, credit, tenure, and fees so that you can be sure that only the best plan is selected.

Remember that even if you do not qualify for the best approved debt consolidation, it is still possible to wrap the high-interest loans by taking a personal loan in Singapore to clear them. So, use Lendela’s free online loan matchmaking service today to get the debt consolidation loan from the best banks and financial institutions, with the best terms and conditions.