Credit card debt can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. It can seem like an impossible feat to pay off the balances, especially when you’re facing a mountain of interest and fees. If you are looking to take control of your credit card debt, but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to pay off credit card debt effectively in Singapore and be well on your way towards financial freedom.

#1: Make a budget plan

First and foremost, it’s best to tackle the problem at its root, and that means controlling the outflow of your cash. Carefully assess your financial situation and get a clear idea of where your money is going towards each month and use that as a starting point to draft up a budget plan, making adjustments to your spendings where needed. The goal is to cut back on expenses wherever possible, so you have more funds at hand to pay off your credit card debt. For instance, you may want to cancel streaming subscriptions that you no longer need or unused gym membership.

#2: Start paying in cash rather than credit card

Avoid getting yourself further into credit card debt by paying more of your expenses in cash. By limiting the amount of money that goes onto your credit card each month, you will be able to make more significant progress towards reducing your credit card debt over time. Additionally, paying with cash helps ensure that you aren’t tempted to spend more than what is allocated in your budget plan each month.

#3: Find a debt payment approach

When tackling your credit card debt, it’s best to have a strategy in mind so that you don’t end up taking much longer to pay off your credit cards debt than necessary. The two most popular debt payment approaches are the Debt Snowball method and the Debt Avalanche method. Debt Snowball involves paying off your smallest debts first while making minimum payments on all other debts; while Debt Avalanche is quite the opposite, focusing on paying off debts with the highest interest rate first. Take a look at the pros and cons of each method below:

Debt Repayment Strategy



Debt Snowball

-Provides you with motivation as you can see small debts being cleared off quickly

-Helps build momentum to continue paying off larger balances when you’re feeling overwhelmed

-May not be the most cost-efficient approach as it does not consider interest rates or fees

-Not as effective if your debts have high-interest rates

Debt Avalanche

-Saves you money in the long run as you’ll pay less interest overall

-May allow you to clear your total credit card debt faster

-Requires extra discipline with budgeting and financial planning in order to be successful

-Not as effective if all your debts are low-interest debts

#4: Consider a debt consolidation loan

If you have multiple credit cards with balances that are rather high and cannot be easily handled by either the debt snowball or avalanche strategies alone, then a debt consolidation loan may be an option worth considering. A debt consolidation loan allows borrowers to consolidate multiple credit card debts into a single loan with one monthly payment and potentially lower interest rates or fees than what was previously being paid across several accounts.

Debt Consolidation Loan



-It makes your finances easier to manage as you only need to make one payment per month instead of multiple payment.

-It helps reduce interest costs as debt consolidation loans in Singapore usually have lower interest rates than other outstanding credit card debts.

-It can improve your credit score if you’re able to make all your payments on time.

-There may be up-front costs that may initially add to your financial burden.

-Missing payments could negatively impact your credit score and set you back even further.

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Key Takeaways

  • The first step to clearing your credit card debt is to manage your current spending. Implement a budget plan and cut back on unnecessary expenses.
  • Start paying in cash rather than credit card to prevent drowning deeper into debt.
  • Consider popular debt repayment strategies like the Debt Snowball method and Debt Avalanche method.
  • Alternatively, if you are struggling to keep up with repayments, you can merge your credit card debts into one single payment while lowering interest costs with a debt consolidation loan.
  • Lendela helps you find the best debt consolidation loan in Singapore so you can clear your credit card debt efficiently.