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Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) & How It Affects Your Personal Loan Application

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) is an important factor in assessing your eligibility for a personal loan. In Singapore, lenders consider TDSR when reviewing and approving loan applications. This article will explain what TDSR is, how it affects...

Credit Counselling vs Debt Consolidation

If you are struggling to manage your finances, you may have considered debt consolidation or credit counselling as a way to regain control of your budget. While both could be viable options to help get you out of debt, it is important to...

COVID-19: A review of how the pandemic changed our habits

COVID-19 struck and changed almost everything people knew and believed in. The two most impacted areas are the savings and spending habits. How have these two aspects changed?As the Singapore economy gains momentum on its recovery, consumers are...

Going Through Bankruptcy – What it Means for You

Are you struggling in paying off your debts and have no idea what to do? Bankruptcy is an option but should you really go through it? What are the downsides of it and what are the options? This article will share with you what to do to resolve...

The Best Nine Financial Tips that Work for Young Adults

We all go for professional training, be it in human resources or engineering, depending on areas of specialisation, but there is no course on how to handle finances when we become adults. This explains why a lot of people easily spiral into debts...


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