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Debtors who can’t pay debts: What can debt collectors do?

In Singapore, debt collection is shroud in fear. When people think of debt collectors, images of a pig’s head and defamatory words printed on corridors run through their minds. However, does it have to get this threatening and spooky? All about...

Personal loans from licensed financial institutions vs. borrowing from banks: Is there any difference?

For many people living in Singapore, there comes a time when they want money to do something, but what is available is not enough. From paying for tertiary education to buying a car and meeting emergency costs, you need to have a way of raising...

What Singaporeans borrow for – Here are our most common loan purposes

There are times when everyone needs to borrow – even the best financial planning doesn’t account for certain changes in circumstances. Also, you may not want to dip into your personal savings or an emergency fund and would rather opt for a loan....

10 tips on how to save money ahead of the holidays

The holidays are round the corner and that means showing your loved ones how much you care for them. The festive season also means planning your budget for decorations, a renovation or two at home, sprucing up your home and also your wardrobe...

Financial institutions vs. banks – Here are the differences

If you reside in Singapore and if you are in need of some emergency funds to meet an urgent personal expense, you typically have two options available to you. The first, of course, is the traditional personal loan that you can avail from banks....


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