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What is a short term loan and where do you get one?

"I have an emergency, where can I get a short term loan urgently?". Short term loans in Singapore come in different forms, from online instalment loans to lines of credit, and can be accessed within very short notice from lenders in...

Unsecured loan in Singapore in 2021: Our ultimate guide

If you are looking for urgent cash, maybe to handle an emergency, renovate your house, or merge your spiralling debts, one of the funding buttons you can press is that of an unsecured loan. Because the loan does not require collateral, you can...

Personal Loan Interest Rate In Singapore: Credit Score, Types and Application

Personal loans are a fast, effective method of financing your immediate monetary requirements. However, it is vital to consider its interest rates when looking for the best personal loan for you. Therefore Personal Loan Interest Rates In Singapore...

Personal loan to settle credit card debt

The sustained rise of the e-commerce industry has ushered in a simultaneous rise in credit card usage. In Singapore, cards are among the most popular payment methods. According to the 2019 Global Payments trends Report - Singapore Country...

Credit card(s) or a personal loan? Here are the pros and cons

One way to meet the big-ticket expenses in life is to save up for those purchases. But what if you have an unexpected expense to take care of? Or, what if you do not want to dip into your savings for making a premium purchase or taking your dream...


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