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10 tips on how to save money ahead of the holidays

The holidays are round the corner and that means showing your loved ones how much you care for them. The festive season also means planning your budget for decorations, a renovation or two at home, sprucing up your home and also your wardrobe...

Credit card(s) or a personal loan? Here are the pros and cons

One way to meet the big-ticket expenses in life is to save up for those purchases. But what if you have an unexpected expense to take care of? Or, what if you do not want to dip into your savings for making a premium purchase or taking your dream...

Financial institutions vs. banks – Here are the differences

If you reside in Singapore and if you are in need of some emergency funds to meet an urgent personal expense, you typically have two options available to you. The first, of course, is the traditional personal loan that you can avail from banks....

Debt consolidation – This is how it works

Credit facilities can be extremely beneficial if you know how to practice financial discipline. But for people who have a harder time keeping track of overdue payments, falling into a debt trap is inevitable. Taking on more loans to repay existing...

Here are the most common loan types in Singapore today

Designed to help individuals as well as businesses bridge the gaps in their financing, loans are among the niftiest products developed in the financial sector. Singapore’s financing landscape is dotted with various kinds of loans, many of which...


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