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The Best Nine Financial Tips that Work for Young Adults

We all go for professional training, be it in human resources or engineering, depending on areas of specialisation, but there is no course on how to handle finances when we become adults. This explains why a lot of people easily spiral into debts...

You can’t pay your credit card bill: What should you do?

Today, missing credit card payments can happen to any of us. For most people, this can be caused by a period of financial challenge, such as a large emergency expense and job loss, among other reasons. When you are unable to pay the credit card...

What is the difference between repricing and refinancing a home loan?

Refinancing or repricing: which one do you prefer? Although these two terms look so similar, they are indeed very different. If you are a homeowner with a loan from a bank to repay a mortgage, refinancing and repricing are two options on the...

Higher education in Singapore: How much does it cost?

Are you planning to pursue higher education at a university in Singapore? You might also have a daughter, son, or sibling pursuing university education. In Singapore, going to the university is considered a rite of passage for most Singaporeans.It...

Green finance drive in Singapore

Today, the world is adrift, racing rapidly towards a green economy. The areas of finance and investing are part of this shift as more parties join the effort to help make the globe a better place for all. Here is all that you need to know about...


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