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Personal loans from licensed financial institutions vs. borrowing from banks: Is there any difference?

For many people living in Singapore, there comes a time when they want money to do something, but what is available is not enough. From paying for tertiary education to buying a car and meeting emergency costs, you need to have a way of raising...

7 things you should not fund with a personal loan

When thinking of taking a personal loan, make sure to direct it to where it will deliver the highest value for money. Always remember that it is advisable to start by checking for alternatives before taking out a personal loan to fund an activity...

10 must-know things when investing in cryptocurrencies

If you bought 1000 Bitcoins in 2011, ten years down the line, the investment would have grown to about US $52-million. That is approximately a 5.2-million percent return on your investment. These are the kind of numbers that many people find...

What Singaporeans borrow for – Here are our most common loan purposes

There are times when everyone needs to borrow – even the best financial planning doesn’t account for certain changes in circumstances. Also, you may not want to dip into your personal savings or an emergency fund and would rather opt for a loan....

Personal loan to settle credit card debt

The sustained rise of the e-commerce industry has ushered in a simultaneous rise in credit card usage. In Singapore, cards are among the most popular payment methods. According to the 2019 Global Payments trends Report - Singapore Country...


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